Paid fishing

Rules for paid fishing

in the territory of OJSC " Experimental Fish Farm "Selets" in 2021



  • The fishing venue is the southern, western (to the conditional limiter) dams of the feeding pond No. 6.
  • Fishing time - daily from 600 until 1900
  • The cost for one day is 20 BYN (one-time ticket).
  • A one-time voucher is a cash receipt.
  • Accompanying women and children under 12 years of age who will not fish are skipped for free.
  • Fishing gear - two fishing rods per trip with a total number of hooks of not more than four.
  • Benefits when issuing receipts are not provided.
  • The catch rate for one ticket is 5 kg.
  • Excessive catch is either paid at the rate of 4 byn./kg., or released live.
  • The ticket is not compensated,if you do not catch the norm.
  • The permit must be kept until the end of fishing and presented at the request of the controller or security personnel.
  • At the end of fishing, the entire catch must be provided for inspection and weighing at the entrance / exit, make a final calculation get a mark in the ticket on its redemption (signature of the inspector). The inspector or security officer has the right to check the personal belongings of the fisherman.
  • Private vehicles are parked at the checkpoint in accordance with the "Rules of the Road of the Republic of Belarus" and in compliance with the water protection zone.
  • The movement of fishermen on the territory of the fish farm is carried out only on foot.
  • The administration reserves the right to refuse to purchase a ticket without explanation.
  • Ignorance of these rules does not exempt from their implementation.


When fishing is strictly prohibited


  • making bonfires outside places specified by the administration;
  • landfill, clogging of the territory;
  • felling of trees and shrubs;
  • the use of pyrotechnics, devices that create light and noise effects;
  • unauthorized rest in unallocated places with the use of alcoholic beverages.Creating conditions that prevent other fishermen from fishing.

Video - Paid fishing